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Roman Avdoyan


Roman Avdoyan, was born on January 4,in 1991. Avdoian's family created by Hasn's reasons, who 300 years ago` the 17-18 centuries lived in what is now Iraq's Dohok city, which was found in possessin of a Hasniner's.

The Ottoman leader Hasan pasha's,and arabian Ahmed pasha's time of attacks hasniner's a certain part approved in Syria,and the majority of them, crossing to Western Armenia, approved by the Surmalu province's in Sinak village.

Having lived here for about 150-200 year,the years of 'Great Genocide' escape the sword of turkish,along with armenian population across from Soviet Armenia.

Since 2012 the Roman Avdoian started to explore more deeply the nation's history and religion.Relatives and friends are listening, that the Yezidi nation has been subjected to massacres, հe put himself in front of the goal, remove not only the existence of the Yezidi nation at different times indicating all the facts of but also to identify, clarify and put an end to the misunderstanding that caused the Yezidis rich history for centuries been attributed to various nations.Roman Avdoian has collected his evidence and several years of consistent research findings published in the 'Genocide of Yezidi nation or Shangal nightmare' book.

The book is divided into three head. The first chapter year-to-date at various times against the Yezidis the evidence facts of genocide`from 630 since to August 2014 period. In the second chapter of the book named Witness testimonials, the author introduces 60 witness testimonies that are validated with appropriate pictures the testimonies were gathered during the author's visit to Iraq, as well as facts acquired from close people and testimonies got via skype.

Third chapter of the book is fully dedicated to the international community's response. In this section of the work name by name is pointed all people and organizations that somehow condemned the crime committed unfairly against the Yezidis.In this section of the book each fact is also authorized by the appropriate photos.

'Genocide of Yezidi nation or Shangal nightmare'

International Standart Book Number - 978-9939-850-14-6

Personal Name - Roman Avdoyan (Romane Surik): Place of publication, distributor, etc. - Erevan

Name of publication, distributor, etc. - Ankyunakar

Date of publication, distributor, ect. - 2015

Extent - 307 c. : Other physical details - цв. ил Uncontrolled term - Yezidis

Personal name - Zohrabyan, I.

Relator term - per. Relator code - trl